About The Siberian Husky Breed:

Siberian Husky Facts -
What you NEED to know BEFORE
Purchasing your New Best Friend​​
Siberian Husky Fact 1 - Siberian Huskies Shed – A LOT.

​Be ready to have dog hair all over the house – floors, carpets, clothing, furniture, everywhere.
If we are allergic to dog hair, or like our home to be really clean, then the Siberian Husky is not for us.
Therefore, it is very important to train our Husky puppy to enjoy the grooming experience.
Start with a soft brush, and lightly comb our dog’s body for a short period of time. Do this often, and
​​pair it with food rewards. Once puppy is comfortable with the brushing process, we can slowly extend the length of the session, and switch ​​to using the Furminator.
Frequent brushing is a good idea to keep a Siberian Husky clean, and clear out loose hair. The more hair on the Furminator, the less hair on the floor. As adults, Siberian Huskies blow their coat twice per year. During this time, there will be more fur than ever. To keep things under control, try to brush every day. Remember to always keep brushing sessions fun, rewarding, and not overly long.
Siberian Husky Fact 2 - Siberian Huskies Make Awful Guard Dogs.

Because Siberian Huskies look like wolves, many people assume that they are fierce dogs. Some people may even think that they are wolf hybrids.
However, a Husky is more of a lover and less of a fighter.
When confronted with a stranger, a Siberian Husky will likely run up to him, and try to give him many licks, preferably all over the face. As a result, Huskies make terrible guard dogs. They will not only welcome everyone into your house, but will also give them the royal lick treatment.
If we want a dog that is only loyal to us and our family, then the Siberian Husky is not for us.
Huskies are happy, goofy, and trusting dogs, that like to be with everyone.
Siberian Husky Fact 3 - Siberian Huskies Are Extremely Energetic

Huskies are intelligent, athletic, and were bred to pull sleds for extremely long distances, in the freezing cold. Therefore, be prepared to provide a Husky with a lot of mental and physical exercise.

A young Siberian Husky needs activity almost all day round.  My huskies sleep for perhaps 3-4 hours during the day, and about 10 hours during the night. That leaves about 10 hours during the day where they are on the go.

They drain most of their energy by playing with each other.

If bored, a Husky can become unhappy. He will likely escape, or use our house and belongings as chew toys. Unless our backyard is extremely secure, he can easily jump over or dig under a fence, in order to find adventure elsewhere.

If we are away at work for most of the day, then the Siberian Husky is probably not for us.

Siberian Huskies like having company and activity, all day long. It is possible that a Husky can keep himself occupied if we have other dogs, but he may also lead our entire pack into mischief!

Siberian Huskies do best when there is frequent human supervision, throughout the day.

* I have found several ways to keep a husky entertained, a sandbox (for clean/wanted digging), a pool (for cool dips), hiding toys (hide  and seek)​​, a frozen peanute butter kong is GREAT for the hours you do need to spend away from home :)
Siberian Husky Fact 4 - Siberian Huskies Are Independent Thinkers.

Huskies have a very independent mind and spirit, and will only perform, if we make it worth their while.

If we want an obedient dog, that only lives to please us, then the Siberian Husky is not for us.
A Husky is not a “yes sir, no sir“, kind of dog. To live well with him, we need to be fair, but firm. We need to consistently enforce our house rules, or he will take over the house.
The best way to train a Husky, is through the control of resources. Teach him that the best way to get what he wants, is to first do what we want. Use reward obedience training, and follow the Nothing in Life is Free program. Harsher techniques, can make a Husky distrustful, and ruin the natural free spirit of the breed. Siberian Huskies are independent hunters, you should always keep in mind that a Siberian Husky is not to be trusted with cats, or other small animals. He CAN be trained to live with cats, but his instinct is to hunt them.  Also, A Siberian Husky is not to be trusted off-leash. If he sees a small animal, he will likely bolt after it, and forget about cars, commands, and everything else. By the time he comes to his senses, he may be lost and far from home.

Siberian Huskies are bred to run and pull. This makes them more difficult to leash train than many other breeds. To train a Husky to walk on a leash, we need to have an immense amount of patience. Always be firm and consistent with the no-pulling rule, and reward good behavior.
Siberian Husky Fact 5 - Siberian Huskies Are Not the Easiest Dogs to Potty Train

Certain dogs, like the Shiba Inu, are naturally clean, and absolutely do not like soiling their living space. Because of their natural cleanliness, they are extremely easy to house train.

However, Siberian Huskies do not have that natural sense of cleanliness. In fact, they do not mind playing, and running around in their own waste products. Therefore, we must make it worth their while to potty outside.

Supervise our Siberian Husky puppy at all times, until he is fully house trained. Reward him well for pottying outside with high priority dog treats, play, and praise. If we are consistent with our puppy potty training, he will learn quickly, and be happy to go outside after a few weeks.

In addition, potty training difficulty is very dependent on what the dog or puppy is used to, in his previous environment. Puppy mill and pet store puppies are caged, most of the time. As a result, they will be harder to house train, because they are accustomed to going in their crates.
​It really makes a BIG difference to get a puppy from an accredited breeder, whether you buy a puppy from me or not...PLEASE  PLEASE take the following advice :)  !!!

Please do not buy a puppy from online puppy sites or pet stores. Most of their puppies come from backyard breeders or puppy mills. Buying from them, will only help support and continue, the dog cruelty of these unscrupulous puppy breeders.

If we are concerned about the initial cost of a puppy, consider that backyard breeders and puppy mills, frequently produce unhealthy and unbalanced puppies. They will end up costing us a lot more, in terms of vet bills, dog training bills, and property destruction.

Bring the breed up properly, and you should have no problems...siberian huskies are amazing dogs !!!